Enterprise Application Development

Developing complex enterprise applications fit to satisfy various requirements of the client and assist in solving business problems. Also, the capability of synchronizing data from multiple platforms in one single enterprise application is a concern in most of the organizations. Hence, Our Enterprise Application Development team helps our clients to gain a competitive edge by streamlining and automating the business processes that create better and faster communication channels between the different organization applications and energized performance through achieving unprecedented levels of efficiency.
ERP Implementation

At BrightWare, we assist our clients in documenting and detailing their business processes flow and finding the best-fit ERP solution that matches the client's requirements. We provide the services of customizing the ERP solutions as required, to ensure systems readiness for production and eventually build a roll-out and change management plan for our clients.

Web Application Development and E-Business Solutions Implementation

We offer development and implementation of Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Customer (B2C) web solutions that include E-Commerce products, Payments Integration with online payment services using the best practices in User Experience and developed along with a cutting-edge technologies and standards.

Enterprise Portal Implementation

We enables our client's to proof their Digital Presence by developing an outstanding Internal and External Portals, with a well-thought execution plan that starts with understanding and analyzing our client's needs, then building a competitive User Experience designs, employ client's Brand Identity, Develop the portal using the best technologies and international standards, and finalize that with publishing the portal for the end-users. We provide a tailored Control Panel that enables our client to Edit, Update, and control all components and contents over the portal.

Customized Application Development

BrightWare Professional Services has extended experience, and management methodologies, that help in developing new applications based on our client's needs. To ensure a flawless execution activities, we follow the best practices in the Software Development Life Cycles (SDLC) such as Agile Model, Iterative, and Waterfall that consists of the following phases: Requirements Gathering, Information Architecture (IA) Designs, User Experience Designs (UX), Software Development, Quality Control and Quality Assurance, Deployment to client's premises, and Maintenance for the developed application.