Enterprise Application Integration

EAI helps BrightWare clients streamlining their business processes. The integration of different systems enrich business information to be concentrated, which in turn increases the efficiency and data exchange in a timely manner. EAI enhances the capacity to solve multiple systems connection gaps problems, as well as, to create a secure and flawless systems connectivity that adds a huge competitive advantage in enterprise applications structure.

SADAD Payment System integration

BrightWare provides a comprehensive solution for the integration with SADAD Payment System (SADAD Bill). We help our clients to integrate their Billing/Financial Applications with SADAD Payment system using ready-made integration components that save time, cost and efforts for our clients in regards to provide a SADAD Bill service to their customers.

e-Gov (Yesser) Integration

BrightWare offers government entities consultation and integration services to integrate their application with Yesser Government Service Bus "GSB". Yesser program has been established by the Government of Saudi Arabia to raise the public sector's productivity and efficiency, as well as, to provide better and more easy-to-use services for individual and business customers. which in turn enables these entities to increase their return on investment (ROI), and provides the required information in a timely and highly accurate fashion.

Applications Integration

BrightWare, with its elite team of developers, system and business analysts provides the service of analyze, design and customize specific integration points that are specially tailored for our clients' systems integrations to increase the productivity and efficiency to enrich their enterprise services.